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1915 Herreshoff Buzzards Bay 15 - A 24' gaff knockabout
Buzzards Bay 15 was launched at Hull, MA on May 21st, 2011

This boat was last sailed in the early 80's, at which time the owner undertook restoration. He dismantled the deck and interior, made up new skeg bolts, replaced the stem and breasthook, replaced all but one of the floors with their bolts, and replaced half the ribs and the transom. The interior with the old clamps and a vacuum inside and the last of the old ribs removed and replaced.

I have removed the other half of the ribs and bent in new ones, replaced the quarter knees, replaced the sheer strake, and the clamps.

Hoisted in the air to remove the fin for repair of the deadwood and ballast, as well as for fastening the new centerboard trunk. Form clamped to the ballast and lead poured to restore level top surface.

Deadwood pieces broken away where the rudder strap fastens and deadwood with new pieces in place.

Centerboard trunk pieces started in the 80s by the owner when the project was put aside until now, drilling finished, bolts run, caulked and primed, ready for bolting together before bolting to the keel.

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