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I will build any of these boats -- and many others -- custom for you!

S.S. Crocker 18' Compass Sloop

No Man's Land Boat by Beetle

#63 in Howard Chappelle's "American Small Sailing Craft. As full bodied and fine an open fishing boat as one can imagine. The loose footed cat-ketch sprit rig makes her smooth and easy to handle even in the windswept rips around Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket.

19' NoMans Land Boat

NoMans Land Boat NoMans Land Boat

Washington County Peapod

Hung from the crane we get a good view of the hull of the Old Sailing Peapod; whose plans Howard Chappelle shows as ASSC #84. Really a classic shallop, 15' long, this boat is very reminiscent of the Beetle "No Man's Land Boat". Without a centerboard, it is all room inside, yet it sails very well.

13' Beach cruiser

Based on the Presto boats of Commodore Ralph Munroe; 25' to 80' round bottom sharpies. Daysailers and cruising boats, Munroe's Prestos were famed for their sea keeping abilities and shallow draft capabilities. This small clinker built version sails smooth and easy, accounting herself well in all conditions, singlehanded or with a crowd of six.

Marblehead "Gunning Dory"

Captain Gerald Smith used William Chamberlain's patterns for a 19' boat, shortened it to 17' and Walter Wales recorded the result. Built with 3/8 cedar over grown spruce frames on a one piece pine bottom, this boat shows her fine design in her easy motion either light or loaded.

Classic Dinghies

These dinghies, based on the classic yacht tenders of a century ago, sail and row well enough to associate with the Herreshoffs and Lawleys. With many thin planks, they are strong, light, and embody the full complex shape that makes these boats so great.

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